A Standard of Grace:
a Guided Journal

52 Weeks
of Guided Journaling


Focus your heart on what matters most.

Are you standing in the middle of opportunity, being overwhelmed when you really need calm? Not sure where to start to simplify and bring grace and peace to your home?

Inspired by Grace, Not Perfection and A Simplified Life, bestselling author Emily Ley has created a joy-inspiring guided journal designed to help you nurture your dreams, discover your hopes, and pay attention to those things you hold dearest to your heart.  

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Love the simple questions to illicit insightful self-reflection and realization. 


I love everything about this journal. I love spending quiet mornings diving in. It makes for a great gift!


I love this journal. It has been very helpful in self reflection, and as a journaling guide.

Inside you’ll find:

+ Quotes to inspire your goals and dreams

+ Advice and wisdom to help simplify your life

+ Encouraging scripture.

join me.


+ Practical and easy-to-follow journaling prompts

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