Near in
the Night

100 Evening Meditations
on God's Peace and Rest


Quiet your mind with truth and reflection.

Why is it that when the lights go off our minds start racing? Small anxieties as well as huge fears come alive when we're exhausted and the house is finally quiet. Near in the Night includes practical ideas to make your evenings calmer, along with pages for taking notes, making lists (so you can stop thinking about those to-dos!), and writing out personal reflections. 

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Spend the next 100 evenings with me.

Near in the Night spans 20 weeks. Each week includes five devotions and end-of-week reflections and journaling pages. It's my hope and prayer that your evening routine with this book will help shape and fill your days with encouragement.


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These devotions are water to any thirsty soul. Cannot recommend this book more highly!


Emily's grace filled stories and illustrations help me remember I'm not alone and He isn't done yet.


Love this devotional! Emily has such a way with words and you truly feel like you're sitting with a friend.

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